Khamis, 20 Ogos 2009


I wanna shows you my 1988’s shits that still work at it fucking best. It is Slayer “South Of Heaven” cassette and my Volvo 740 GLE.

So, this is my all times favorite car, I don’t know why? But I felt in love with Volvo ever since the first sight. I just like her old school looks and the safety part of it. Furthermore the car is heavy duty and super classic. Yes, I am poser in motoring. I remember the day when I bought this machine, I don’t even know anything about its engine. As I touch the steering for a driving test, I know. This car is for me. Like Bumblebee in Transformers movie, the car choose it owner.

Hahaha! To her previous owner, I must tell you she is happy with me. She became one of my favorite machines beside my computer, my amps and guitars. And suddenly I’m singing the verses from Prophanity’s song Swedish Steel…… “ All Men Ain’t Made For Metal, But All Metal Is Made For Men”!

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