Isnin, 17 Ogos 2009


The good thing about my job is taking my clients for a vacation. This time we choose War Museum located in Batu Maung Penang Island. The museum originally was built in 1930’s as the largest military operations complex in Malaysia, the base of regiment or departmental corps where servicemen trained. The British Royal Engineers and a work force comprises of local laborers turned this hill to fort complete with underground tunnels, intelligence and logistic center, halls, offices, ventilation shafts, cannon firing bays, sleeping quarters, cook house and medical infirmary.The shitty thing about this visit, I wonder they put Indonesian workers in charge of everything? From counter ticket to tour guides. I don’t see the rational to put an Indonesian to lecture you about our Malaya history? I just hope Malaysian tourism play attention about this serious matter. Aren’t there any native interested in our history anymore?

They told us this ammunation storage was used as torture box during Japs occupation. Imagine 4 person being slamed into this narrow wall with iron door.

There a few things captured my eyes, one is huge giant poster titled ‘ National Guard Of Malaya’ which is an old photo of Gurkhas soldiers. It is told that the Gurkhass was one of the best soldiers in the world. I don’t know about that but there is a death metal band under that name came from France which released a remarkable album " A Day Of Suffering". The second is an old BSA motorcycle hanging on the roof, from the laminated letter they put at the bike. It was hand written by the son of the bike owner named Alexander whom served as dispatch boy. He were captured during World War II and been sent to the infamous “Death Railway” in Burma.Well, as told by the Indonesian guide this military fortress has been tuned into house of pain, house of rape, torture chambers and mortuary during the Japanese invasion. Is those Japs were so cruel? I remember, reading some fact about Tan Seri P. Ramlee in local newspaper many years ago. Do you know whom tought P Ramlee to play violin and piano? Ironic, but he was Japanese soldier!

Back to the museum, I think this visit worth to be check out. You will impress with the historical facts,military gadgets, artifacts and relics. After that we went to Chowrasta Road for some ‘jeruk’ then we hit the road to Lata Bayu waterfall in Kedah.

Now, this is rotten signboard with immortal messages

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