Khamis, 5 November 2009


Just when I got back home after having a breakfast I found these package in my mailbox. It’s from Denmark, damn! It’s right. It’s from my old pal, J.Neeper. Well, he’s been my great penpal over the years. And his musical taste remains the same untill these days. I remember the day I got his first demo cd VORNOFF “Forledt” in 2003, which I reviewed it in my zine as one of the darkest ambient music from the underground. There aren’t really that much ambient bands out there, before Vornoff I only received a demo by NIGHTLY GALE from Poland many years ago. And their music scare the shit out of me!

Well, since then, me and J.Neeper has been writing to each others disscussing about our musical taste and experiences. He moved from town to town continue with his studies in English, and me moved from town to town with my job. But we never lost contact. And we shared almost the same musical opinions all the way. Great to know he also into King Diamond stuffs too.

I got almost all materials he composes, all the bands he’s fronted like VORNOFF, SICK ROOM 7, FORLIS, and SAGNTID. While I think, I’m also giving him all the music I’ve written and recorded. I guess, he is my best buddy from Denmark.

It’s time to talk about the music both new cds I’ve got:

SAGNTID “Rehearsals 2008/2009”Contains with 3 new tracks, “The Sore Bones Of Bergen”, “Grenade Heart Gallery” and “Still Contained”. All of the tracks will drive your minds into the state of isolation and misantrophy pure. Like all his previous works, J.Neeper only whispered his lyrics in all his songs which make this cd a perfect soundtracks for a serial killer. I won’t recommend SAGNTID for normal people out there, but if you are demented, anti-social, pyscho loner. This is for you. Now read the lyrics: could you please tell her not to come? I don’t want her to pass through this grenade heart gallery only to find out that falsehood flows from this place of mine so horribly well.

SAGNTID “The Splitstream World Of Sagntid”
From the old days, J.Neeper never had drummer with Sagntid, and he handle almost everything in Sagntid. This cd is good, an even better arrangement from the “rehearsals 2008/2009”. I likes all the 7 tracks, it is dreamy and emotional. Crystal clear sound productions and perfect FX in samplings. The track no. 3 entitled “ Malaysian Dream Dolls” reminds me of Batman movies ( Tim Burton’s era) I wonders if N.Jeeper got an inspirations from that movie. But the song is simply a pleasure to ears. Some creepy soundscapes can be heard in songs called “The Cinematic Quality Of Losing” and “Some Nasty Crime Scene”. The interesting fact about N.Jeeper bands, they all usually use the same style of lay-out. I means, black and white design of cemetary or gloomy landscapes or broken statues. This is ambient and dark wave at it’s truest form.

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