Khamis, 14 April 2011


I try to keeps my promise to read one book per month. But this one I got few months ago as a gift from a good friend of mine, Mr. Anton Amin. This book was imported by Advantage Quest will you cost about RM50 from any MPH bookstores. Written in easy-to-read, question-and-answer format by Bible expert James Stuart Bell and Sam O’Neal, this book is a heavy pack of informations about the origins, history and practice of Christian faith. You know, I’m always longing from lots of logical explainations about who is Saul, why his saying and letters also being considered as words of God while he never meet Jesus and also hated Jesus when he was alive? Why Jesus is God? ( from page 14: The most striking example of special revelation is Jesus Christ, God revealed to us in the form of man.) It is great to finally knew who is writing this and that verses in the Bible.

To read page by page might get you bored. So my style is, I go straight to index. From there I seek what I wanted to know mostly. It is the easiest way to find answers to my endless questions. This book is a good introduction to Christianity. I bet this is part of their missionary works.

I guess there is lots of confusing and twisted stories came out of Bible when you read it. And I guess, this book can reply the controversial questions that Christians or non-Christians encounter during they study the Bible. 

I end up this review with texts from page 71: Plasm 22 is a poignant lament from David at a time when he felt cut off from the presence of God. He cries, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ words later repeated by Jesus while he died on the cross.

(I’m sorry.. but isn’t Jesus a God? )

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