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This is one of Goodword Giftbook products, written by Maulana Wahiddudin Khan, the president of the Islamic Centre, New Delhi. The Maulana is the author of numerous other best-selling books. I guess, every good Moslem should already understood the conception of Jihad, this book will provide you with the good points and facts needed in case of debate or to clear any doubt in the hearts of Moslem themselves. 

I like the way Maulana explains everything concerning Jihad in this little book. Easy to understand, backing up with sunnah and Quran itself. Just by reading 20 first pages, you will understand how beautiful is jihad, the concepts of peace, tolerance and non-violence in Islam. Jihad is a continuos action which is at the core of the believer’s life day in and day out. This consistent Jihad means strict adherence to the will of God in all aspects of one’s life, and the prevention of any obstacle coming in the way of fulfilling God’s will-for instance, the desires of the self, the urge to serve one’s own interests, the compulsion of social traditions, the need for compromises, ego problems, greed for wealth, etc. All these things directly thwart righteous actions. Overcoming all such hurdles and persevering in obeying God’s commands are the real jihad. 

The original meaning of jihad in Arabic is striving very hard. Since the early Moslems had to strive hard during wars with aggressors, these wars came, in an extended sense, to be called jihad. However, the actual words for such war in Arabic is, qital not jihad. 

Jihad essentially is a peace struggle. One form of this peaceful struggle is dakwah (communication of the message of God). 

Do not yield to the unbelievers, but fight them strenuously with it (the Quran)- 25:52

You will learn more about the tradition (sunnah), historical facts from Hudaibiyah, conquest of Makkah, the difference between the enemy and the aggressor, the meaning of mujahid, and more.

Get this in Popular Bookstores. One of the great books I bought with only few ringgits.

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