Jumaat, 3 Mei 2013


I believe, American death metal will never exist without SLAYER. The true sound of Thrash metal was crafted by SLAYER. Punk and Metal scene can only be united by SLAYER. The only band I love to watch their live-sets over and over again. But SLAYER will never be the same without Jeff Hanneman. Died from liver failures on 2 May 2013. We will forever remember your remarkable riffs and shreds.

His best songs – Angel of Death (1986), South of Heaven (1988), Raining Blood (1986), War Ensemble (1990), Disciple (2001), Dead Skin Mask (1990), Spill the Blood (1988), Post mortem (1986), Hell Awaits (1985) – are widely accepted as unassailable metal classics.

Farewell Jeff Hanneman

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