Isnin, 6 Mei 2013


I bought this for rupiah 29 000, close to RM9 from a hawkers in from of our budget hotel in Mangga Besar during our stay there for Hammersonic festival. The attractive cover story about local guitar heroes from bands also played in Hammersonic is worth to be checked out!

Interesting and exclusive interviews with Eet Sjahranie (EDANE), Ebenz and Agung (BURGERKILL) – I saw them on stage, they’re heavy rocker, even LOCK UP/PENTAGRAM guitarist Anton Reisenegger borrowed Ebenz’s guitar for their show, Medy and Nano (SUCKER HEAD), Ricky Siahaan (SERINGAI), Ipunk and Lucky (POWER METAL). Sure it is great to know about their musical backgrounds, their tools, technical advises and their preparation toward Hammersonic festival. It is plug and play show. Absolutely no soundcheck for Hammersonic!!

I came across with this jazz/pop band called, THE BASS PROJECT formed in 2012 without guitarist. They got 4 bass players, drummer and beautiful female vocalist and has just released debut single “Hanya Dia” few month ago. They’re working on debut album now. I just wanna say, you guys are 2 YEARS LATE. Me and WRECKÄR already did that for 3 years now and have “Rape All” cd to offer. Hahahah!

This magazine might be expensive, but it comes in high quality colored printing, fully written in Bahasa Melayu, Indonesia. But since magazine publishers doesn’t need and authority (Dewan Bahasa) approval in Indonesia, you can use any dialects, mix English – Indonesia even in professional magazine.

There is OBSCENE EXTREME ASIA in Ragunan, Jakarta report in it, but it is too short and just a little photos from that festival were shown.

Good magazine!

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