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Pond formed IN VEIN in 2005, recorded 3 successful albums with them.

This early morning I was disturbed by an instant message from Kai Kittisak of New With Tag Shop (gig promoter and metal shop owner from Hatyai) about the death of IN VEIN’s mastermind, Pond Huntrakul. It is devastating to know Pond was no longer in this world, since we have talked so much about Thai metal scene, planning for Malaysia tour next year, their next show with HOUR OF PENANCE, and Thailand political issue. Pond was an inspiring musician for Thai rebellious youths, a great and polite guy with so much dedication to his works. He was hospitalized few days after.

our last conversations on 8th October 2013

I supposed to meet Pond at Behemoth’s show in Bangkok last October. Instead I met his drummer Mr. August Dila who told me Pond involved in car crash and at the same time were bitten twice by centipede. And it leads to heart valve disease, pulmonary edema, and also infection to his bloodstream, somehow even under treatment in the ward Pond managed to send a message via facebook that he was recovering and getting better. I guess it’s true, the good die young. Suddenly, Pond passed away leaving the world behind.

I have seen IN VEIN very last show with Pond in Celeb Pub, the same place we played a month later. IN VEIN is a promising black/death metal and it would never be the same without the commanding captain in songwriting and riff instructor. Anyway, I wish them to continue Pond’s legacy and keep fighting for what Pond believe in for so many years.

Pond (right) during their last show together at Celeb Pub

Today, Pond may have gone to a better place. But today also marked the birth of Thai death metal legend known as Nithi (Pond) Huntrakul! REST IN PEACE BROTHER. MAY THE TRUTH IS TOLD IN ETERNAL LIFE!

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