Jumaat, 4 April 2014


Kirk Von Hammett threw ultimate horror party in San Francisco called Fear FestEvil, where he shows all his colossal collection of movie memorablilia, rare books, rare vinyl, devil heads, skulls, etc. MH make Fear FestEvil as their cover story and talking about the next Metallica records. Great articles about Dio, the greatest voices of metal written by Malcom Dome was something you must read. We wouldn’t be throwing the horns without this man.

The never-talk-about issue in metal; Does metal culture discriminate? I think , yes. Read about what black women get from their passion to heavy metal. How black is metal could be on them?

HM seems highly recommended new acts like THE OATH, supersexy duo of vintage heavy metal, ALAYA, the pop-sensible technical metal and UPON A BURNING BODY, a tex-mex breath of fresh death.

Read also an interesting revealing from Rob Zombie, Syagrath, Cristina Scabbia, and Rany Blythe (LAMB OF GOD) about his trial where he was accused of directly causing the death by pushing the deceased, Daniel Nosek off the stage, where he then stuck his head.

“In my mind we’re still just a little thrash band from San Francisco” – Kirk Hammet

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  1. masih ada lagi sisa sisa thrash metal dlm metallica.....