Rabu, 11 Jun 2014


Yesterday, I roamed in Gurney Plaza and stopped by at MPH Store. So, I bought this, just because I almost lost and didn’t have any alternative to buy. I guess, this is the first time read METAL HAMMER for less than 30 minutes and got bored. The cover story was AVENGED SEVENFOLD on how they once were idiot and troubled kids, and now turning to Kings of Metal. Interviews with ARCH ENEMY new singer and DEVIN TOWNSEND once again, exclusive chat with LINKIN PARK with upcoming new album which supposed to be more technical and skilled in guitar works, MANOWAR about their concert in Russia, etc. 

I never heard of any bands featured in sampler CD. Great shits pulled out by thrashers like INCINERY, THRASHIST REGIME, FALLEN HATE, KILLER HURTS, SAIGON KISS (shitty name, but damn the music is fucking killz! Vocals similar to Araya), SKREAMER, etc.


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