Ahad, 7 Disember 2014


My addiction to this pickled pepper started since the last ‘Pedal To The Metal’ ride in Johor to meet up Frank Blackfire (ex-Sodom/Kreator). The pickled pepper made by Shahriman’s mother-in-law really got me hooked into this shit. I am never a fan of pickled pepper before. Shahriman (another local cyclist) refuse to give me the recipe. Aahh! It is easy… give it a try, best to be eaten with fried noodles, kueataw, claypot yee mee or pasta.

> 10-15 green peppers
> 1tsp quicklime (kapur makan untuk kasi ragup)
> 4-5 tbsp sugar
> vinegar
> 1tsp salt
> 1 cup water

Put DEF LEPPARD Greatest Hits CD and play “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.
Slice pepper and douse it in water with 1tsp quicklime for 5-10 minutes. This will make it crunchy. If it hard to find a quicklime. Leave this process. Rinse with hot boiled water will do just fine.
Sterilize your bottle and put 1tsp salt and your sliced pepper in it.
Boil some water with sugar. When it already turn to syrup pour it into half of your bottle. Then fill it with vinegar until full.
Keep it for 4-5 hours before eat. The longer the tastier it will get. Best, you eat it next year! Hahaha.

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