Khamis, 9 Disember 2010


Three months ago. When I heard news about the coming of Marduk to these regions. I was more than happy and booked for an early bird ticket to watch them live in Singapore. I am maybe not a loyal fan of Marduk since “World Funeral” (2003) was their last album I listened to. So, I have no idea how their would sounds these days, and even worst I didn’t notice that howl master extraordinaire Legion and long time bassist B. War was gone. Shit! I guess, I really wanted to see them because of the nostalgia when I and Yen start a band many years ago. We were into Marduk and we did cover “Of Hellfire” several times. Those are the best days of my life.

Yes, to make this event become more interesting I asked my friend, Diken to give me their new album “Wormwood” (2009) to study. At least, if they are going to promote this album, I can get some idea from it. The truth is, I am happy to hear how the band starts off with the song “Nowhere, No-one, Nothing”. Yes, I’m familiar with the riffs and the drum strokes. And Mortuus, the frontman of Funeral Mist / Triumphator whom become their vocalist is the best to fill Legion’s boots. Morgan Hakansson, Marduk’s founder, songwriter, guitarist and general at arms still continue to deliver hyperblasting compositions and plenty of slow and mid-tempo moments mixed in with the barnstormers, could found in tracks like “Funeral Dawn” and “As A Garments”. They make good use of limited sound effects during the album to give little nuances that make a big impact. I have no problem with technology and I admired them, for they did it to darken the sounds. Maybe back in time, Marduk was the supersonic fastest band in the world, while today; hundred bands could play even faster. But their brutality is unmatched in black metal world. Some said this album can be compare to “Nightwing” (1998) which is my all time favorite album. Well, to me “Wormwood” doesn’t always hit with the full impact of its namesake. “Nightwing” was structured with sulphurous riffs and unique blend of fast and mid tempo compositions. I was amazed. Furthermore, I’m not into satanic fiction, and this album totally based on Romanian history. I’m more into reality these days. Maybe lots of you out there haven’t realize but Marduk’s conception and themes and is all biblical. If only you knew what I means. Enough review, we get back to the story…

Together with Syed and Diken, I’m off to Singapore on 6th December 2010 and reaching Johor Bahru at 9.30 am. After having nasi lemak as breakfast at Man’s home, the three of us crossed the border at 4.00 pm only to find trouble is waiting for me. I been detained by Singaporean Immigration officers in their room because of some error in my passport. They took my photo, they took all fingers print, they asked nonsense things – even they asked me for my Marduk’s gig ticket?!!, They asked me to count my money to declare the shit?! Hell, so tired but lucky for me they release me at 6.30 pm. This tragedy really reminds me of Tom Hanks in his movie, THE TERMINAL. Fuck! I’m just like that. If Tom Hanks getting into trouble to see Jazz band, while I’m was fucked up because of Marduk! I wish Morgan know about this!!!

Friendly letter I got from Immigaration Office

I’m glad, Man is waiting for me at Larkin bus station then Mr. Anthony fetched me over his house in Mutiara Rini. Thanks for the hospitality. Mr. Anthony is the most pious Christian I ever meet. He is very kind man and a good friend of mine back in KL. 

The next day, Diken come up from Singapore to Mutiara Rini. Mr. Anthony taking good care of us, even gave me lots of gifts and books. Even bought us pizza for a dinner. Damn! You’re the best Igat. Man, came and took us to Larkin at 9.30 pm. We hit the road by double-decker bus with sounds sleep till reaching our home around 10.00 o clock in the morning 9th December 2010. This is a date to remember!

“ Our vocalist (Mortuus) and I are the bible experts. We share the same fascination for that book. That book is a big inspiration for me.” – Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson, MARDUK ( taken from interview in Metal Maniac, August 2005)