Selasa, 26 April 2011


Kemarin aku berhenti untuk solat Asar di Pusat Dakwah Kubang Pasu. Memang aku terlewat hari ini jam dah menunjukan pukul 6.10 petang. Tengah aku solat seorang Pakistan masuk untuk bersolat juga. Kami sama-sama keluar masjid, aku lihat beliau membawa kotak stainless steel di pelana motorsikal nya, aku pun bertanya “Roti ka?”.. Dia menjawab “Roti ada juga”. Masa itu, terlintas difikiran aku zaman kanak-kanak, ada seorang mamak naik basikal pusing kampung menjual roti benggali sapu kaya homemade. Memang itu yang aku ingat Pakistan ini jual, jadi teringin juga nak imbas kenangan lalu.
Tiba-tiba aku dapat roti burger di sapu ais krim. Hehehe. Harganya RM1.50. Rasanya boleh tahan, kenyang juga walaupun dari pagi tadi aku hanya makan mee segera. Selamat mencuba.

Khamis, 14 April 2011


I try to keeps my promise to read one book per month. But this one I got few months ago as a gift from a good friend of mine, Mr. Anton Amin. This book was imported by Advantage Quest will you cost about RM50 from any MPH bookstores. Written in easy-to-read, question-and-answer format by Bible expert James Stuart Bell and Sam O’Neal, this book is a heavy pack of informations about the origins, history and practice of Christian faith. You know, I’m always longing from lots of logical explainations about who is Saul, why his saying and letters also being considered as words of God while he never meet Jesus and also hated Jesus when he was alive? Why Jesus is God? ( from page 14: The most striking example of special revelation is Jesus Christ, God revealed to us in the form of man.) It is great to finally knew who is writing this and that verses in the Bible.

To read page by page might get you bored. So my style is, I go straight to index. From there I seek what I wanted to know mostly. It is the easiest way to find answers to my endless questions. This book is a good introduction to Christianity. I bet this is part of their missionary works.

I guess there is lots of confusing and twisted stories came out of Bible when you read it. And I guess, this book can reply the controversial questions that Christians or non-Christians encounter during they study the Bible. 

I end up this review with texts from page 71: Plasm 22 is a poignant lament from David at a time when he felt cut off from the presence of God. He cries, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ words later repeated by Jesus while he died on the cross.

(I’m sorry.. but isn’t Jesus a God? )

Ahad, 10 April 2011


Pada keluaran ini majalah Karisma telah menampilkan kupasan terpenci mengenai jatuh bangun kumpulan death metal lagenda tanahair SUFFERCATION. Turut menampilkan temubual bersama artis Faithcraft, KHEROW yang bercerita mengenai kelahiran album sulung mereka dan hala tuju muzik mereka yang telah dikacuk dengan elemen progresif rock.

Kepada yang masih belum mendapatkan majalah Karisma isu 13, edisi April 2011 yang menampilkan Suffercation sebagai cover story, bolehlah menghubungi pengurusan Karisma seperti yang tercatat dibawah. Turut memuatkan banyak foto-foto klasik serta poster dan artikel mengenai kedatangan death metal.

Karisma Production, PO BOX 9, 75700 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +6013-6363558

Untuk langanan setahun ( 12 isu ) harganya RM90 bagi Semenanjang Malaysia dan RM120 bagi Sabah dan Sarawak.

Pembayaran menerusi CIMB: Karisma Production (0410-0000-3021-09)

Sabtu, 2 April 2011


To be honest, I stole this book from my previous working place, perhaps the best working place in the world ( as agreed by most of my friends whom have been there eventually). I don’t know how my boss ordered this book for our mini library, no one appreciate these pages in there but me. Pubished in 1997 by Aurum Press in London, it has a different titles for New York version that is It’s Only Rock And Roll.

Authors James Karnbach and Carol Bernson take the reader on a journey through history with the Rolling Stones.But who is Jamas Karnbach? He is an authority on the history of popular music and consults regularly for US TV networks. While Carol Bernson is a photojournalist and writer who regularly contributes to the Los Angeles Times and other US newspapers and magazines. They highlight the important events, the concert tours, the album releases, etc., as well as touching on the numerous celebrations, disappointments, and critical moments that have been part of the Rolling Stones since day one.

Included in this book are rare pictures of Stones' memoribilia, many of which I have never seen in any book. Must be a real hard works to gather up so much data of a very depth research. However, if you are looking for a biographical book about the members of the band, you should pass this up. This is really a reference guide. You will need long hours in the bed to finish this book. Overall, this has become a heavily recommended to all Stones fan who longing for so much detail.

From the book; So, whether your heart’s been with the Stones since the 60’s or you’re a new fan from the 90’s who’s just gone wild over the group, you will find between these covers everything you could possibly wish to know about the music and the lives of the world’s most-celebrated and long-lived rock group.