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I bought this dvd simply because of the title and the excellent cover illustrations. Well, This is English-language Viking film by Nicolas Winding Refn known for remarkable works in Pusher series. The film takes place in 1000 AD and follows a mute Norse warrior named One-Eye and a boy named Are. None of the other characters have any names.

Like Conan, One-Eye (Mads Mikkelsen) is held captive up above in misty highlands by a Chieftain (Alexander Morton), where he is forced to fight to the death until he’s been sold but managed to breaks free, slaughters everyone except for the boy slave went back to Chieftain camp and slays him too.

He fled with the boy, and meet a band of Scottish Christian Crusaders ready to embark on a crusade to Jerusalem. The General (Ewan Stewart), asks One-Eye to join him. He reasons that, live or die, One-Eye may cleanse his soul of sin by committing to the Crusades.

On their way to Jerusalem using Viking boat, the crew is broken, thirsty and hungry, and with no wind for several days, a thick fog shrouds them constantly, they lost and arrive to a mysterious place with vast forest and mountains. Not Middle East they hoped for.

The film ends with One-Eye kills them all, and the native of that land possibly kill One-Eye. Maybe? The story ended up with groups of tribal warriors surround him and ready to attack.

The graphic and various shots in this movie are superb with the novel plots kind of story-telling. The fights are brutal and gory. But I suffered to finish off this movie. A drunken metalhead listening to Bathory will love this film.

“Those bastards, these people…the followers of the white Christ, bastard. A much traveled man tells me, they eat their own god, eat his flesh, drink his blood. Abominable. They want us dead..” - Cheiftain
Rate: 2/5

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