Rabu, 26 Jun 2013


I never a fan of Rob Zombie films. Yes, I read lotta negative reviews about Zombie’s credibility as director and writer. And yes, I watched some of his films which sucks big time. But hey! This dude improved a bit, honestly he finally wrote some good storyline and some good scripts here. I must admit I laughed to some supposed-to-be-scary incantations and plots. To be simple here, The Lords of Salem is satanic film about witches.

Rob Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie stars as Heidi a late-night rock DJ received a mysterios LP in weathered wooden case dropped off at the radio station, as a gift from THE LORDS. Heidi assumes it’s rock band on mission to spread their music. It appears Bruce Davison plays a local witch expert was a special guest for the show on that night. To their surprise, the record turned to massive hit to the listeners. When she got a free ticket for The Lords gig, she knew The Lords are far from the rock spectacle but they’re summoning the original Lords of Salem to return.

Rob manipulates every inches of his wife nude body, every ritual involves a lot of grotesque nudity, satanic mantras, and toyol. Hehe. Rob Zombie and his guitarist, John 5 even wrote a song “Crushing the Ritual” for a fictional black metal band, LEVIATHAN THE FLEEING SERPENT appeared in Heidi’s rockshow. It is wimpy and gayest black metal band I ever heard!

extra note: you can only find pirate dvd for this kind of movies in local video stores.

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