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I don’t wanna tell you much about our trip. In short, it went not as we planned but still we are having fun in the islands. On Friday, 26th March 2010 Haidir reached Arau Railway Station so we recorded the new AU REVOIR “Perisher” song that night at Faithcraft Studio. Everything went quite good, with Haidir (from HEREAFTER) as bassist and Syed (from DEVASTATOR) as bassist too. We crushed with double bass, without any guitar. The atmosphere was brutal and raw. It was easy yet fun to play. We also did “A Love To Kill” live video just to warm up the session. ( click here to watch ).

The next day, 27th March 2010, the three of us move to Thailand at 7.30 a.m. We drove and parked our car at Hadyai. Actually this is my first experience bringing my own car to Thailand. To be honest, it was quite scary to me. And yes, we involved in little incident that cause damages to my car bumper in Padang Besar. Damned!

We bought return ticket to Krabi and back to Hadyai from the tour agency, so we off to Krabi by tour van at 2.30 PM. The trip was again so scary, you will die off heart attack anytime for sure. And what an annoying trip, we got two Irish tourists with us. We just called him, Barney as he is so talkative and he wouldn’t stop at nothing. He knew everything under the sun. Finally, I begun to like his stories as it is so funny and reminds me of someone. Roohi. Hahaha!

5 hours later we reached Krabi Town. Again we being cheated by tour agency for our room at K Guest House. I would like to tell you the average price for air-conditioned room in Krabi with free wifi, shower mostly from 250 to 450 baht only. Since we are idiots, we paid it double. Later that night, after take a bath we roamed Krabi Town. Almost 70 % of the populations in Krabi were foreigners. The best place to go at night is Krabi Walking Street.( click here to watch) Something like pasar malam in Malaysia only it is crazier in Krabi. To many to offer, from food to cultural entertainment.

Bad thing will happen when you alllow your lust control over you. And that is what happened to Syed. Now we already broke. Syed and Haidir were running out of cash, while it is public holiday in Thailand and Malaysia too. No bank or online transaction available here. And it is damn hard to use credit cards in Krabi when you’re in trouble like this. So I got about 2000 baht left in my pocket. So I am the very last hope for humanity.

28th March 2010, we woke up early in the morning hoping that we could sail to Phi Phi Islands, the infamous location for the movie “James Bond’s The Man With The Golden Gun” and also “The Beach” took place. We went to various tour agencies but none of them would accept a credit card. So, I sacrificed my money and told the agency lady boss about our situation. Out of sympathy she gave us a discount for 900 baht for 3 person including a 4X4 taxi ride to the port. I really couldn’t believe it when the boss only asked us 21 baht for 3 glasses of superb white coffee. Damn, we luv Choke Dee Restaurant and Tour Agency.
Again I sacrificed my money which is now I got only few coins in my pocket. We bought a ticket back to Krabi at 3.30 PM which is the last boat. Now, we just enjoying the beaches and watch the naked ladies ( click here to watch ). Syed and me both get wounded by sharp sea coral even the water is crystal clear which you could see the fish and crab sneaking in the corals. After swam, we took a tour around the islands by foots. After all, that is the only thing we can do. The real sightseeing.

I bought some canned drinks which is terrible. My choice is always wrong this time. At least we knew now, Singha Soda, Light Coke, Pepsi Max are sucks. The is a lots of Halal foods, mosques and Siamese Muslim over here. Too bad, they can’t speak Malay language.

With empty stomach we reached Au Nang Pier, and reached our hotel at 6.00 PM. Took a shower then slept away, I gave some coins to Syed and Haidir to get something to drinks from 7 Eleven. At almost 11.00 PM, with smile on their face, they arrived with 3 cup of noodles, snacks and 3 bottles of soy milks. It was so lucky of them, they bum the boss of Choke Dee again, and retold our problem. Pity towards us, she gave  100 baht to buy something to eat. At first, she would like to gave us a free food at her restaurant but since she were selling non halal food. She just gave us money. But that 100 bath means so much to us. We owed you so much Choke Dee! We will remember all your kindness and will come for your great coffee again...

29th March 2010, we woke up early in the morning again. This time we rush for local bank, for your info Syed wife has already tried to rescue us from our financial problem, and I already activated my card for international transaction but it seem for some reason unknown all Thai ATM couldn’t read my card. Syed tried his credit card once again. Boom! And it is available. Like a pheonix rising, we went to have some fine breakfast at Muslim restaurant in town. We even tried local roti ‘chennai’.

There was a problem again, our trip back to Hadyai being postponed by the agency to 1.30 PM. We waited for the van while ‘mgorat’ the tour agency boss near our hotel and facebooking in her office. At 2.00 PM our van came and drove us back to Hadyai. Lucky me, I sat beside big-boobs and friendly lady Meau. Meau spoken well in English and told me she just went back from spending a great time with her American and German friends. There are a lot of interesting chat I had with Meau. I guess, she is a satanist. Hahaha! She told me she'll do anything she want and never get bother by her family, human has the right to do anything they want from the birth. She told me she don’t like to hang out with Thai people and she like wearing sexy clothes. Arrghh! That’s my girl. Meau is really MEUAW!

We reached Hadyai at 8.30 PM, so I speed up up my car to reach the border as fast as I can. I could hear Syed were singing “Turbo Lover” at the back seat. Haha! We made it and crosses the border at 9.15 PM. After done with jamak and qasar at Osmaniah Mosque in Kok Mak and we have a dinner in Kangar. We finally got home at 10.30 PM.

To get some good dreams and sound sleeps, me and Haidir watched SCORPIONS live in the jungle DVD till we passed out...

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