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Sorry but I have to review this since I got nothing to do. Just can’t wait to go to work again after two days of holiday celebrating Edul Fitr. I bought it last night, just by an interesting cover art and summary at the back of the box. Guess, it is really great movie that throw Zombieland down to the toilet hole! Zombieland was simply a crap movie to me. This is something epic, the fight is bold and merciless while the story telling is tragic and emotional. No wonders, this film won Midnight Madness Award at Toronto International Film Festival and director Jim Mickle was renowned as a leader in the new generation of horror.

Here are the stories, America has fallen. A vampiric scourge sweeps the nation, turning everyone into blood-thirsty beasts take deeper and deeper hold upon the states. It’s hard for the survivors to know whether to be more afraid of the creatures themselves or crazy Christian cults that have sprung out like wildfire waiting for their messiah to come. To live there is only one choice, fight or die. Or worse, you die and you come back! 

Connor Paolo stars as Martin, An orphaned boy traveled with his mentor, a hardened fighter known simply as Mister ( Nick Damici, who also responsible writing this film ) in search of the safe haven of New Eden. But rumors say, the place was running out of food stock and it was full of cannibals?  Didn’t believe in what people have said, Martin and Mister traveled from town to town, until they meet up with some friends, make enemy with Brotherhood (Christian extremists) until finally reach New Eden. It just ended up like that, so I’m pretty sure STAKE LAND part II is one the way.

I like the soundtrack in this film. Mostly they use soft piano keys match with Martin voice narrations make the scene dismal and dramatic. It is smart to display how to ensure safety when Martin and Mister slept in the car or abandoned house every night. And yes, Martin and Mister are just using wooden stakes to kill vampires. Guns and blades are useless, says Martin. But they still have to use a knife to kill the original vampires called Berserkers by stabbing it to the core of their brains. Like pulling a plug from computer, says Mister. 

Mister character is still shadowy figure and why did he left Martin after they found New Eden is a question? STAKE LAND can develop from now to be a great epic of post-apocalypse movie maybe like Resident Evil or maybe even like Star Wars!

rate: 3/5

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