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It seems that all cult movies from the 80’s are taking their turn for remake. Most of them struggled to be as good as the original. To be honest, this is my favorite movie from the 80’s, I remember watching it with my mom in TV 2, when Dunhill Double selection was only horror flicks. Mom and I love ‘tahyul’ movies back then. Hehe! I watched this movies with my hands cover my face. Since that day, I never forget this film, I was lucky to found this film again in vcd era and it is well kept till today.

The vampire in Fright Night are true monster, the story is simple and the music is old school ( back then it was called New Wave!) I like the blasting snare sounds, it was electronic drum or synthesizer, of course.

One night Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) is making love with his girl, Amy (Amanda Bearse, I like her hair-style!), when he notices new neighbors moving into the creepy house next door. Stranger still, they are moving in with a large coffin, taken directly to the cellar. With Charlie’s interests of vintage vampire late night shows and their star-turned-cable-host Peter Vincent, The Vampire Killer, it’s no surprise that his interest is piqued.

Charlie begins spying on his neighbor’s activities, which proved to be vampire (Chris Sarandon). Charlie must now convince his girlfriend, mother, his occult-obsessed pal Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) and the hunter himself, Peter Vincent, that vampires are not only real, but now living next door.

When Jerry, the vampire kidnapped Amy, Charlie and his crew of would-be vampire killers must make a desperate assault on Jerry’s lair to save Amy and rid the suburbs of this well-heeled nosferatu once and for all.

Written and directed by Tom Holland Fright Night accomplishes what few horror-comedies can – it manages to be both funny and frightening. The effects are awesome, using some early CGI to handle the bat, wolf, monster transformation, which is fantastic.

I watched Fright Night again yesterday, just to tell you how much this film meant to me. I agreed with the saying, the feeling of watching your favorite old movies is like meeting up with an old friends from your childhood days.

Rate: 4.5/5

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