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I watched Tombstone about 100 times, Syed already fed up with me when I said I’m gonna watch it again tonight! He would say not Tombstone again?! I’m too much obsessed by this film,  I remember every dialogues, I even choose to covers SODOM “Tombstone” when we recorded “Storm Jam” demo tape back in the days. Back to the days when I’m still working at finance department in Sugar Factory, I remember Amreek Kaur shout to me “ Hey! That movie was from my era, how come you into it so much?” 

I didn't understand what she meant at that time since the movie was from 1993. Now I understood that this project was actually from 1984 with Kevin Costner also involved in the productions, whom later disagreed with some aspects of the movie. He did Wyatt Earp biographical film in 1994 which is less successful compared to Tombstone.

Well, if Amreek read this, who don’t wanna be a cowboy, Amreek? They’re rockstars! 

Well I got both vcd and dvd format. The story line is based on the true story of legendary US Marshall, Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell), a former lawman who moves with his three brothers out to Tombstone, Arizona, in order to settle down and hopefully to make themselves a small fortune.  However, they didn't realize that the town they were moving to is actually run by a powerful gang known as the "Cowboys," feared by the sheriffs and people over there.  Tensions between the brothers and the Cowboys escalate when the Wyatt Earp can't just sit idly by while criminal rules Tombstone mercilessly. 

War finally started, Earp and the outrageous Doc Holiday (Kilmer) team up to bring justice to Tombstone, it is an explosive action-drama that starts transport you back in time and boil you in the center of crossfire.  The friendship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday is also remarkably well-handled. I love both characters and their words of wisdom. I even love their nemesis, Johnny Ringgo.

Rate: 5/5

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