Rabu, 1 Februari 2012

CATCH .44 (2011)

Any dumb ass watching this film knew it is Pulp Fiction rip-off. Quentin Tarantino must be smiling seeing this movie while masturbating. Hahaha! But this is not a bad movie either, coz I had a great time watching this film with good pop soundtracks in it. Like Pulp Fiction, you might appreciate the great camerawork, weird jokes, bloody scenes the writer/director Aaron Harvey has to offer.

The plot of Catch .44 revolves around a group of bad girls on a vague mission to make some kind of financial exchange for a drug lord (Bruce Willis). But their plan don’t go very well, and this is where the glimpses of how this ill-fated moment came about. Forest Whitaker appears as a mysterious homicidal maniac and he contributes a lot of energy in his plots. But there is not enough Bruce Willis in this movie.

Anyway, the gunfight will blow off your speakers. That is the best part.

Rate: 2.5/5

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