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Remember.. remember.. the 5th of November…
V FOR VENDETTA was filmed based Alan Moore's best-selling graphic novel on terrifying portrait of totalitarianism and resistance, superbly illustrated by artist David Lloyd. The first episodes of V for Vendetta originally appeared in black-and-white between 1982 and 1985, in Warrior, a British anthology comic. The strip became one of the most popular in that title; during the 26 issues of Warrior several covers featured V for Vendetta.

Vendetta in Italian stands for revenge. And V for Vendetta is dystopian movie directed by James McTeigue set in futuristic totalitarian England, a country without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything. You will be executed even if you kept a Quran in your house! Muslim is not welcome there.

Hugo Weaving starred as V, a masked anarchist who seeks to systematically kill the leaders of Norsefire, a fascistdictatorship ruling a United Kingdom in 1997. The thiller started off when he rescues a young woman, Evey Hammond, from a gang of secret police officers (known as Fingermen) who intend to rape and kill her. V heads to a rooftop with Evey and detonates a bomb at Parliament. V takes Evey to his secret underground lair, which he calls "The Shadow Gallery" located in abandoned Victoria Station.

V always wears his trademark Guy Fawkes mask, a shoulder-length wig of straight dark-brown hair and an outfit consisting of black gloves, tunic, trousers and boots. Expertise in arts of explosives, dagger combat-fight, subterfuge, and computer hacking, and has a vast literary, cultural and philosophical intellect. V is the only survivor of an experiment in which four dozen prisoners were given injections of a compound called Batch 5. The compound caused vast cellular anomalies that eventually killed all of the subjects except V, who developed advanced strength, reflexes, endurance and pain tolerance.

After destroying the Houses of Parliament, V confronts three other Party figures and executes them for their past immorality. Meanwhile Evey has developed a strong attachment to V.

The following November, exactly one year after the Parliament bombing, V launches an all out attack towards the government facilities and leaders which cause him his life. The seriously wounded V returns to the Shadow Gallery and dies in Evey's arms. Evey considers unmasking V, but decides not to; instead, she destroys 10 Downing Street by giving V a Viking funeral with an explosive-laden Underground train containing his body, sent to detonate beneath the desired location.


To be honest, I bought this dvd because of Iced Earth wrote the song “V” in their “Dystopia” album last year. It is one powerful anthem of rebellious riffs, thundering drums and wonderful voice of victory.

Freedom! Forever!

Rate: 4/5

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