Jumaat, 17 Ogos 2012


Now, this is another film about kidnapping, assassination and terrorism. But Barry L. Levy wrote this piece is truthful idea and genius story-telling like no other American movies. The story is about a link of terrorists attempt on assassination of U.S. President Henry Ashton (William Hurt) in political summit at Salamanca, Spain to promote an international treaty. The movie is going through multiple perspectives, but in order to unfold the ultimate truth.

I like the way they reveal how the terrorist works, the sick and manipulative mind of Sam (Said Taghmaoui) and how his followers confuse their activities as Jihad. And terrorists shouldn’t always wear hijab and jubah. They are intellectual, brave and they really have their point to cause terror. Maybe they came from Middle East but they also good with hi-tech weapons. In fact, in this movie the terrorists knew everything about U.S security force and alert. They’re just making fun of it.

And what make it more realistic and idealistic was Vantage Point filmed in Spain, a controversial country for Muslim and Christian which was where the summit took place. The plots are good and this kidnapping and assassinations process is a big success if not because of a lost young girl named Anna. And yes, Mr. President also played his part here, that a hero will never go down without a fight.

The kindhearted President also did not want any counter attack towards terrorist village responsible for this brutal assault because they finally gained world’s sympathy. But it just too strange, right? We knew how U.S will react on this matter.

America or terrorists, they’re just a bunch of barbaric warlords in different uniforms.

Rate: 4.5/5

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