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Sheikh al-Fawzan حفظه الله said,
❝The first who introduced the celebration of Mawlid were the Shi’ah Fatimids. It was then adopted by some of the people who ascribed themselves to the Sunnah thinking it to be good based on their intention of showing love to the Prophet ﷺ (But) this is not from the [act] of loving him. For indeed, love is in following him ﷺ (i.e. sticking to his authentic sunnah) and not in innovating.❞
at-Ta’leeqaat al-Mukhtasirah ‘ala matn al-Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah, (Page: 176)

It is reported by Humaid by al-Hassan that Abu ad-Darda' said: "Be a scholar, or a learner, a lover or a follower and do not be the fifth so you may not perish!".
He said: I asked al-Hassan: "who is the fifth?" He replied: a heresiarch!
Ibn Battah in al Ibanah (1/134, no.210)

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