Selasa, 6 Oktober 2009


Now, I wanna tell you about a Canadian chick who runs a very great zine called Morbid Tales. Her name is Annick Giroux and her nickname was Satannick. Morbid Tales zine focussed mostly into Black and Death metal and so for I think, she already published 5 issues of it.

The interesting story about Annick is, she loves cooking and had this crazy idea about writting cooking zine with metalhead's favorite food. One day I recieved a message from her, wanted Blackfire to contribute a menu in her project. I laughed myself to death when I read it. But I begin to feel the seriousness in her when she mailed me the PDF samples of the book with various legendary artists contributing their recipes for the sake of her ambition.

Since I too love cooking, there's no problem with me to contribute a recipe. But Annick want me to give her a recipe that got a story behind our music activities, so it would be much more meaningful. So, I contribute my fried noodles recipe which I invented when we lived in KL few years ago. I remember our rented house being a hang out place for a friends and I used to cooked them those noodles to save our money from getting food at stall.

once upon a time in Setapak Jaya: Pikrama Metalterus, Syed Devastator, Ciwi & Me.

Just recently, I heard the book already been published by Brazillion Point. Featuring a full flavorful menu of appetizer, breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetarian, seafood, dessert, and drink recipes contributed by members of:
Abigail, Abscess, Accept, After the Bombs, Anthrax, Anvil, Armored Saint, Atomizer, Autopsy, Blackfire, Blasphemy, Brutal Truth, Budgie, Bulldozer, Cauldron, Control Denied, Countess, Cruachan, Death, Death SS, Deiphago, Denial of God, Desolation Angels, Destruction, Devastation, Dissection, Doro, Dusk, Electric Wizard, Elixir, Exciter, Eyehategod, Faustcoven, Funerot, Gorgoroth, Gwar, Holocausto, Impaler, Inepsy, Judas Priest, Killers, Kreator, Lamp of Thoth, Master, Master’s Hammer, Mayhem, Melechesh, Messiah, Minotaur, Mortal Sin, Mütiilation and so many more.

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