Ahad, 27 November 2011


This film was pulled out by Carey and Chad Hayes, the guys who did House Of Wax and most people said it was inspired by the combination of The Ten Commandments and The Omen. To me, if you like The Unborn, Case 69, you will dig this film. If not, this would be just another piece of crap from Hollywood.

Katherine Winter (Hilary Swank) used to be an ordained priestess she was so convinced of her purpose in life that she followed a calling and took her daughter and husband to a remote, and deeply cultic, African village to serve as a missionary. During her stay the region experiences a severe drought and the locals sacrifice Winter’s family to appease their gods. Her faith shattered, Winter rejects the idea that there is a God and launches into a lifelong mission defying God’s miracles with scientific and logical answers.

One day, while she’s giving a lecture to her college class a man named Doug from the tiny town of Haven shows up and asks for her help. Haven is beginning to experience what some of its painfully zealous citizens believe is a revisitation of the Biblical ten plagues and he needs someone to figure out what’s really going on. With her religious associate Ben (Idris Elba), Winter sets out to prove that a river of blood, infestations of various pests, and the mysterious death of healthy cattle all have a perfectly logical explanation.

The director manages to find gloomy and gory places to shot this film. And plots twist at the end of the story is quite interesting but not so original. If you are into Christian myths of end of the world prediction craps, this might scare the shit out of you. The filmmaker already talked about making The Reaping 2.

Rate: 3/5

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