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Happy fasting! The best movies I’ve seen about Moslem world today are Black Gold (originally titled BLACK THIRST). This film is crafted beautifully from high understanding of what really happened in the Middle East and how this conflict has to end. I can’t find any down point in this film and agreed to the facts that these ‘terrorism’ label came from one miss interpreted God’s words and the abuse power for personal achievement in the name of religion. Arabic world is known for their ‘Asabiyah’ (tribal) supremacy which holds them from unity for many centuries even the prophet banned has this tribalism and clanism ideology.

The story was an adaption from 1957 Novel by Swedish writer, Hans Ruesch. Antonio Banderas as Sultan Nesib, the progressive profiteer team up with an American capitalist (Corey Johnson) to dig wells in a neighboring territory for an oil sets off a series of skirmishes, tearing a pact of the peaceful tribes apart whereby (Mark Strong) the Muslim traditionalist, Sultan Amar’s two sons Auda (Rahim) and the hotheaded Saleh (Akin Gazi) are entrusted to Nesib as a sort of guarantee from his side.

Mark Strong nampak berwibawa dengan watak Sultan Amar

To avoid civil war, the westernized Sultan Naseb and a foster father to Prince Auda pushed him to marry his beautiful daughter, Leyla (Freida Pinto – remember Slumdog Millionaire?). But it doesn’t hold Sultan Amar from declare a war after he knew Saleh was murdered during his escape back to home. Here you will see the characteristic transformation of Auda from an introverted librarian to a stylish and courageous freedom fighter.

I highly recommend everybody to get this DVD, this full of epic drama film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and produced by Tarak Ben Ammar, Chairman of Quinta Communications and co-produced by the Doha Film Institute, Qatar. The film has a budget of US$55 million which is one of the most expensive films backed by an Arab about an Arab world, feel like it was one of those Hollywood super-productions of the 60’s.

Rate: 4/5

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