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Well, tonight I brought you a fine example of typical Hollywood movie about how they purposely gave Islam a bad name by came out with the idea that pious Muslim is a bunch of terrorists running with machine guns and bomb around their vests. And they’re selling drugs too.

The point here is, when some Muslims is really understood their religion and extreme believers, they won’t do the ‘haram’ (extremely forbidden) things, they don’t sell drugs and they never allowed their women to commit adultery which is haram. This is not Islam or even ‘terrorist’ way. They’re talking about deviate group here which do things with ‘unknown’ cause and blurry point. But what was filmed here just random Pakistani with senseless and violent strikes toward summit meeting. In short, if you’re good Muslim or if you’re planning to convert to Islam, a path of murder awaits you there. That’s what these film makers want you to believe.

The film starring John Travolta as super cool special agent, Charlie Wax was sent down to Paris for a mission to stop terrorist activities there. He will be aided by U.S. Ambassador in France and also low-level operative for the CIA, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to trace the drug money linking to Pakistani terrorist group. The evidence leads them to their base, resulting chaotic armed confrontation in which Charlie and Reese succeed to neutralize. Charlie and Reese found out that they’re planning to detonate US Embassy with explosive hidden beneath their burkas. Accidentally Charlie and Reese also found photographs of Reese pinned to a wall of terrorist basement.

This founding however ruin Reese happy life as he finally learn that his beautiful French fiancée Caroline is also a terrorist spy and she attempts to blow an explosive vest at the summit. Reese is force to kill her. In another situation, Charlie confronts terrorist leader driving Volvo (yes, my car! Hehehe!) Who try to attacks a US motorcade traveling to the summit by speeding towards them, wired with explosives. Charlie destroys that nice Volvo with rocket launcher.

Take note two John Travolta references in this film in conjunction with two movies made by him in the past. The first one was "Pulp Fiction" when he says his favorite food, a "Royale with Cheese" and the second one is from the movie "The Experts" when he sings the Carpenters song "Close to You" (originally written & sung by Burt Bacharach) when he hears it while casing terrorist’s Volvo.

Good movie with bad messages.

Rate: 2.5/5

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