Khamis, 11 April 2013


This is an excellence remake of 1990, Total Recall by Paul Verhoeven starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, futurist thriller is a new version of the famous Philip K Dick short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. Now it is Colin Farrell playing Doug Quaid, the ordinary guy work in robo-factory, in a future world where a cramped and deteriorating urban society depends on exploiting the mineral reserves of subject colonies. He got a beautiful wife, played by Kate Beckinsale – the role was memorably taken in 1990 by Sharon Stone – and in this movie Doug's wife is a far more important character, killer action all the way through. Doug is bored and unhappy, haunted with bad dreams which drove him to visits a company called Rekall for a mind-trip, Quaid decides to implant a "spy adventure" memory as a vacation, but only this triggers a chain of shocking events, which question the reality of his own life.

Quald finally knew he was a super-spy for The United Federation of Britain, the ruling global empire exploiting a place called “The Colony” which is today known as Australia. In the Quald realized that his moves and plots was programmed by the Britian to ambush, freedom fighters’s headquarters, they branded as ‘terrorists’. The CGI works is superb and doesn’t lose it grips of reality. The action is breath-taking and amazing.

I would say, Total Recall is a great combination of Fifth Element (1997), V for Vendetta (2005), and Unknown (2011). Since Malaysia’s general election is around the corner, the opposite party supporters might love this. I watch this twice before posting this review!

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